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As of May 1st 2023, Clutchtools and Kingsborne is now a part of the Walker products organization.

Count on Walker Products Kingsborne and Walker Products Clutchtools for friendly, knowledgeable staff that makes ordering quick and pleasant. With technical support, competitive prices and same day shipping on most sets, Walker Products `Clutchtools` is dedicated to providing excellent customer service.

ClutchTools.com offers the highest quality exact fit clutch alignment tools made to last a lifetime of use. Kingsborne has been selling clutch alignment tools since 1971 and has one of the largest inventories on the internet.

Each Kingsborne clutch alignment tool exactly replicates the shaft and splines of the vehicle's drive shaft. It is made of high quality polypropylene injected plastics and insures perfect alignment of the clutch. Extremely durable, the clutch tool can be used over and over again. A must for any repair shop, clutch specialist, transmission repair shop, automotive or motorcycle store, or parts reseller.

With personal and knowledgeable technical support, competitive prices we strive for your satisfaction, and your business.
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