Free shipping on Kingsborne Clutch Alignment ToolsKingsborne clutch alignment tools are a must for any DIY clutch repair or professional transmission clutch repair shop.

Made of high quality, tough polypropylene injected plastic, they exactly replicate the shaft and splines of the vehicle's drive shaft to insure perfect alignment of the clutch plate for any clutch replacement job.

Kingsborne Clutch Alignement Tools are made in USA

Kingsborne clutch alignement tools are made in the USA
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  All 1965-79 6 Cly 3.8 Ltr 230ci
US $15.00
  All 1965-79 6 Cly 4.1 Ltr 250ci
US $15.00
  All 1969-74 8 Cly 5.4 Ltr 327ci
US $15.00
  All 1969-79 8 Cly 5.7 Ltr 350ci
US $15.00

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